DSC_0240    So, I posted my first post a while ago. (okay that was worded badly). So anyway, better introductions now, the photo above is of my 4 year old Yellow Labrador Retriever, Mario. I run an Instagram account for him and as the watermark says, the account is @onebiglabby. I have loads of fun with him everyday and he makes my life seem infinitely better. I also happen to be the human sister of a  7 month old, rescued Californian White Rabbit called Melissa. Melissa and Mario are the loves of my life, I don’t know what I would do without them. My life basically revolves around animals, I’m in the twelfth grade and I plan to be a Veterinary Surgeon someday. In May next year, I am getting another dog, a Siberian Husky who I plan to name Magnus. I also volunteer at a local shelter and at a vet’s clinic every summer. Apart from animals my interests include drawing ( I do pet Portrait commissions) , reading, playing the keyboard, travelling, outdoor activities, photography, music and FOOD (because who doesn’t love food?) I will be posting my photography, my fur babies and also glimpses into our life. So thank you for reading all that nonsense i just wrote!